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Window cleaning is a fascinating and growing industry. In the past, people would wash their windows with all sorts of soaps or other household items that were not made for this purpose. Nowadays, professional window cleaners like B & B Window Cleaning have specialized products to keep your home looking shiny and new!

We offer window washing services for Phoenix, AZ, and all the surrounding areas. Our company has been in business for over ten years! We have built a reputation for being the best window washer in town, and we take pride in our work. Whether you need residential or commercial window washing, we are here to help.

Windows look great when they’re clean.

B & B Window Cleaning is the best window washing company in Phoenix. You don’t worry about a thing; we’ll make your windows sparkle clean. The process starts with a preliminary inspection to identify any potential damage or mold-related issues on your windows and sills. After this, we clean both sides of each window pane for optimal results.

Our customers love us because of our excellent customer service. All of our employees are friendly and hardworking, and they will do their very best not only to provide a clean exterior but also a clean interior throughout your home or office space as well. They always leave behind freshly sanitized windows that shine beautifully with just an occasional wipe.

Get your windows professionally cleaned today!

We offer a variety of window cleaning services to meet the needs of our diverse customer base in Phoenix, which includes residential households and commercial properties alike. Our experienced team is excellent at getting windows clean on any type or style for all types of buildings and structures, including office buildings, apartment complexes, condos units as well as manufacturing plants.

Let us know what type of service you need – whether it’s just one room, your whole home, or building – and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate. We also provide free quotes over the phone, so don’t hesitate to call us today!

The #1 Rated Window Cleaning Company in the Valley

We all know that window cleaning is not an easy job and can take hours to complete. B & B Window Cleaning has been in the window washing business for years and is well versed in all aspects of this trade, including its safety precautions. Our company sends trained professionals to meet all of your home and business window cleaning needs. With flexible scheduling, they can come when it’s convenient for you. You don’t have to worry about a thing! Your windows will be sparkling clean before you know it.

BB Window CleaningWindow Cleaning Experts

Professionalism is at our highest priority with every job we provide. It’s what sets us apart from other window-washing companies; we believe that customer service comes first to keep people happy and come back for more. Let us do all the hard labor as we clean the exterior of your windows and screens!

Excellent Reputation

We have an excellent reputation within the community; therefore, many individuals have recommended our company based on their own personal experience of receiving professional work done by qualified cleaners who care about doing quality work for each individual we encounter while working on your property or home.

Quality Service

We have been providing excellent service to homeowners and businesses for over ten years, so you can rest assured that your windows will be clean when we’re finished with them. We are committed to excellence using methods approved by the industry as well as known professional guidelines such as OSHA standards. We are proud of our reputation because it has taken years to build and maintain this level of customer satisfaction.

What is the best way to wash windows?

The best way to wash windows begins by getting a professional estimate from B & B Window Cleaning so that you know how much it will cost before starting any work on your home or office building. The professionals at B & B are highly knowledgeable about these matters, and we will be able to provide an accurate price quote after reviewing the specifics with you.

Once a price has been set, we will then move onto scheduling the appointment when convenient for both parties involved. We use time-tested methods and modern technology, making us one of the best window washing companies in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Why is window cleaning necessary?

Windows are one of the most important things in a building. They provide natural light, which is necessary for good health. It also provides views that people enjoy and beautiful scenery outside as well as inside their living space. Window cleaning helps keep the building looking good and protects against water and dirt buildup that can cause damage over time. This is why window washing should be done by professionals regularly rather than doing it yourself.

B & B Window Cleaning provides residential and commercial window washers in Phoenix, Arizona, who offer high-quality services at competitive rates for all clients. Our team is here Monday to Saturday to make sure your windows are clean every season!

Affordable, Convenient, and Reliable

You might be wondering why you should hire us for your window washing needs. Well, we have a few reasons that make us the best choice in town. First off, our prices are unbeatable! Second, we offer free estimates on any job before starting work, so you know what it will cost upfront. And finally, our team is always friendly and professional – no matter how dirty the windows get!

Residential and Commercial Window Washing

Are you looking for peace of mind and a spotless façade? B & B Window Cleaning is the answer. At times, life can be challenging–and dirty windows are just one more thing to worry about! Thankfully, our skilled team has your back with our residential window washing services in Phoenix that help keep not only exterior surfaces clear but also those inside as well. Let us wash away all traces of dirt on both glass or other material before it becomes an eyesore in any home’s living space. And if you’re looking for commercial window cleaning, too, we’ve got you covered! From storefronts to office buildings and everything in between, no place will ever suffer from neglect again while under our watchful eye!


One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to their windows is not cleaning them. Allowing dirt and grime to build up over time can cause a variety of problems, including:

– Unsightly stains on window panes.

– Poor visibility through windows.

– Window frames can rust and corrode.

– Window frames becoming discolored or stained from moisture seeping in.

These are just some of the effects that dirty windows have on your Phoenix home’s overall appearance. It may sound like excessive work, but by hiring B & B Window Cleaning for residential window washing services in Phoenix, you’ll get professional results while staying within your budget.


Business owners forgot that dirty windows could be a huge turn-off. Your building’s exterior is your storefront, and you want it to look as good as possible. Window washing in Phoenix, AZ, will ensure that all of the dirt on your windows is removed, including the streaks! There is nothing worse than walking into an office or store with streaky window glass from outside light shining through them onto merchandise or floor space. We offer professional services for commercial buildings in need of cleaning, so you never have to worry about how your property looks again!

Disadvantages when you don’t clean your windows:

– Customers may think that you are neglecting your business.

– Dirt can accumulate on a window, which will make it harder to clean the next time around.

– Unsightly look of your property.

– Loss in retail floor space because customers are unable to see the merchandise.

B & B can help you maintain clean windows so your customers will not see smudges or streaks when looking at their reflection in your store’s windows. We recommend cleaning before peak hours of operation; this helps avoid interrupting business operations while also allowing you to carry on with your daily duties without spending time later cleaning up.

Window washing is done safely.

B & B Window Cleaning follows guidelines for safe window cleaning practice from National Safety Council (NSC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration when we wash your residential or commercial windows. All of our employees are thoroughly trained in safety protocol for window washing, so you can rest assured knowing they will not create a hazardous situation around your property.

Safety is the first consideration when washing windows. That’s why we will never use ladders or any other equipment outside the building if it could be seen by pedestrians or cars passing by. This also means no water is spraying onto sidewalks near storefronts, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.

It’s important that you know how much care goes into our work before hiring one of our professionals. Our team has been trained in all aspects of working safely, including fall prevention and emergency response training, so they can keep themselves safe while cleaning your windows! We want everyone who walks past your home or business after the job is complete to be able to see the care and attention that was put into your windows.

Arizona’s Best Choice!

B & B Window Cleaning has a great staff, with lots of experience, who will do their very best work on your dirty glass so it can be glimmering once again. What are you waiting for? Call us today at (480) 423-5980 for more information about our services and set up your appointment!

Frequently Asked Questions

We take the time to do it right every single time. Every window is scrubbed clean of any residue from all types of dirt, grime, and dust, including mold spores that can harm your health.

Yes! We offer commercial and residential services. Our rates are affordable, so no need to worry about that. B&B Window Cleaning has a long list of satisfied customers because we pride ourselves on our workmanship and the quality of service we provide.

Absolutely! B & B Window Cleaning is proud to carry out this type of job with expertise not many companies can match. With years of experience under our belt, your storefront will be sparkling clean before you know it!

Pricing is determined by the square foot or how long it takes to clean your windows. So give us a call, and we will be glad to schedule an appointment.

No! You can set up an appointment with our business office by calling (480) 423-5980. Then make payment arrangements as needed based on your specific requirements when scheduling and agreeing upon them in advance with one of our staff members who will attend you before each scheduled visit.

Window washing is not rocket science. B & B Window Cleaning uses the tools and supplies that have been proven effective for decades. Our window cleaners use a variety of solutions and techniques. We typically use water mixed with a specially designed solution to get rid of dirt and grime from glass surfaces safely. We also use a water-fed pole system with HEPA filtered water to clean windows. We have a 25% better window cleaning rate than the competition, and our mobile service will come right to you!

The B & B Window Cleaning team is often hired by property managers who have buildings with two or more floors of height and cannot easily access all their outside windows without help. We use our water-fed poles and long extension ladders (one at a time) during these jobs.

Window washing is one of those jobs that homeowners dread having to do. Scrubbing away grime, dirt, and mold from your windows can be a tedious task for anyone’s hands. That being said, there are some things you can do to make the process more manageable. We suggest vinegar and water, or you can also use a soap solution with water. But it’s better to let the professional do the cleaning for you to avoid the hassle.

Window washing services are designed to remove dirt, mold, and mildew from the exterior of your home. Frequent window washes are essential if you want an attractive-looking residence and a healthy living space.

If you don’t hire professionals to clean your windows, the job will never get done. That’s because homeowners have no idea what they’re doing in this area of housekeeping (nor do many professional window cleaners, for that matter). This is a specialist trade, and there are specific tools required. Furthermore, it takes years of practice and training to learn how to properly wash windows from inside a tall building without dying or breaking anything on the way down! Any homeowner can see why hiring experts would be necessary if not essential.

Cleaning windows is one of the most challenging jobs to do. It takes a lot of time, requires climbing up and down ladders, and typically involves getting your hands dirty. The worst part about it? Windows are always in hard-to-reach places that require you to get onto your knees or balance precariously on a ladder for hours at a time! But window washing can be an easy task if you hire a reputable window cleaning company like B & B. We have the right equipment to get your windows sparkling clean in no time.

It is not easy to clean filthy reflective windows. To clean them will take time and effort without the right products or equipment. Generally speaking, you need to use a good cleaner and degreaser designed explicitly for glass surfaces. B & B Window Cleaning offers a wide selection of window cleaning services to make the job easier.

We use a lint-free towel used only for window washing to avoid transferring dirt and mildew onto windows. And we always start with the inside of the window, moving to outside surfaces as we clean. This prevents us from accidentally spraying water on your furniture or floors.

Algae is a plant that grows in moist and humid places. It is most prominent during the summer months but can also be seen year-round if there are sources of water to keep it going. Algae will grow on a variety of surfaces, including windows. If you want to stop algae from growing on your windowpanes, it’s best not to leave standing water around – plants love this stuff! You should try cleaning with peroxide or vinegar instead since these cleaners won’t cause any damage to your surface. Cleaning with bleach isn’t suggested because it may remove some color from the glass over time.

B & B Window Cleaning can clean all windows on one story within two hours in most cases. However, it may take longer if there are large amounts of dirt or debris to remove from panes before starting the cleaning process. In this case, an extra technician might be called out on-site at no additional charge per business day. Please contact us today and ask about our many special offers related to getting your windows cleaned!

If you need to have your window cleaned, B & B Window Cleaning is the best choice!

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