Water-Fed System

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waterfedWhy use a Water Fed Pole to clean your windows?

For commercial work the efficiency of our Water fed Poles allows us to complete large jobs promptly

Water Fed Window Cleaning has seen some of the industry’s greatest innovations and technology at work, making it a more modern and safer method of cleaning windows. We use pure water, or water that has been purified with all its minerals removed, to clean glass, solar panels and occasionally awnings as well.


There are many benefits to water-fed window cleaning over traditional methods. For one, it’s safer due to the elimination of ladders. We can easily clean windows up to 3 stories high with our feet safely on the ground. How amazing is that? This results in increased safety for our crew as well as our customers. Waterfed window cleaning is not only safer, it’s faster as well. We can complete the job faster while still creating streak-free results, allowing us to be out of your way in a shorter amount of time. Being able to reach those previously inaccessible windows is also a huge benefit. Ultimately, pure water systems allow for better results with a minimal inconvenience to our customers.

Water-Fed System

More Environmentally Friendly

Water fed pole systems use only purified water. There are no chemicals involved, so it’s better for the environment.

Less Intrusive

Being able to clean higher windows from the ground means our crews will not be looking into our customer’s windows, helping them maintain privacy while still enjoying a sparkling clean glass.

Cleaner Glass

Pure water dries spot-free, meaning there is no residue left on the window. Leftover detergent also attracts more dust and grime, so using pure water keeps windows cleaner longer

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