Residential Window Cleaning

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For over 15 years, B&B Window Cleaning has consistently ranked amongst the best Arizona companies for residential window cleaning. We have worked hard to maintain our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since our start. We have maintained this by only hiring and training individuals who care about the quality of their work, making sure that each and every customer is completely satisfied with the job.

We don’t just clean the glass, we clean the entire window. Frames will be wiped down as well as the window tracks. Your screens will be taken outside and properly brushed to remove the dust and dirt. We care about your clean floors and carpets and booties are always worn inside. Our window cleaners are all trained in proper care inside your home, catching the water onto the scrubber. We will not drip on your walls and floors.

Residential Window Cleaning

Two Story homes and tackling the hills and mountains:

On two story homes our ladders are also protected with rubber booties. We are careful not to scuff your paint and stucco. We clean your windows the old fashioned way, with a squeegee and a scrubber. We are not interested in taking short cuts. Only in your complete satisfaction.

On hard to reach windows we do have the ability and technology to clean the windows as well, with our water fed poles which send purified water through an extension pole and onto a scrubber to get to those hard to reach areas. These have proven most effective in many of the hard to get to areas on homes around Camelback Mountain, Fountain hills, and many of the mountains and hills around Paradise Valley. With this method, we can clean your windows while still insuring the safety of our crew.

Booties are always worn inside your home

From time to time I will receive a phone call from a new costumer asking to set up an appointment to clean only the exterior of their home. We are, of course, happy to do this. I do however, ask how long it has been since the interior was cleaned.

Sometimes a home owner might not be aware of just how dirty windows can get on the inside. It’s at this point where I learn that after their last experience where a window cleaner left drips on the hard wood floors and stains on their carpets and now they don’t allow window cleaners inside their home.

Residential Window Cleaning

We understand what your home means to you. The heart of our business is with residential window cleaning, which is right where we started over 15 years ago. We take pride in our work and of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our technicians are trained in keeping the water on the scrubber and the drips off the floor. We are a cleaning company, and as such your home should be cleaner when we leave! Booties are always worn inside your home.

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We are happy to move that chair…and put it back:
It’s our job! When we are hired for a job, rest assured that every task associated with it is ours to complete. We can raise those blinds for you. If a couch needs to be moved we will do that too!

We take pride in our work

Booties are always worn inside and furniture is carefully moved and carefully replaced as needed. Ready to make that appointment?

Only one billing for your window cleaning needs. Only one phone call when you need to talk to someone. We insure reliable service by requiring a signature at each location. We will be happy to include your stores on our commercial routes.

If you need to have your window cleaned, B & B Window Cleaning is the best choice!

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