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Window SparklingIt is common knowledge that keeping your windows clean is not always easy. After all, who has the time to clean out their windows daily? Luckily, there are some simple ways around this issue if you want to save yourself some time and effort. Find out how you can keep your dirty windows sparkly without even having to hire a maid service!

The easiest way to keep your windows sparkly is to clean them out every week. This does not have to be anything special, and make sure that you do it! If you leave your windows a little bit dirtier than usual, you will start to notice the difference in the sparkle of the windows. I know it will get you out of some cleaning duties, but it will be worth it to save a little money in the end. However, to get a thorough window cleaning, you must follow the following steps:

Start On An Overcast Day.

Clear days are best for exterior window washing. The solution will dry more quickly on sunny, cloudless ones and leave behind a streak-free shine that lasts all day! Mornings or evenings work just as well, too. The same reason applies in both instances: it’s cloudy outside, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet from your cleanliness process.

Every window should be washed from top to bottom, right side first, then left. Once you are finished cleaning the window to the best of your ability, leave it slightly open until there is no sign of moisture from the window lapping against your window cleaning solution with every single breath you take in and exhale.

Keep An Eye On The Area Beneath The Window.

It would help if you protected the area beneath your indoor windows with an old towel or drop cloth before you start cleaning them up. This will prevent dirt from getting on furniture and other items in a room, which could cause annoying stains to ruin their appearance over time if left unchecked.

Remember to wear rubber gloves when window-washing. Using the squeegee, clean up the window from top to bottom, ensuring that there isn’t a single area left behind that you have not cleaned.

Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

The best way to clean your exterior window cleaning is by using a variety of different mixtures. You can use distilled water to avoid the formation of minerals on glass and leave it without any streaks or films from previous cleaning attempts. Alternatively, you could try using soap with the bleach solution as this combination has been proven time after time when trying to keep away dirt and remove stains such as algae growths! Consider the following alternatives:

  • Mixing dishwashing liquid and water is a great way to clean windows without having any streaking or smudging. It works best when mixed 1 gallon of the solution in half teaspoonfuls for every 12 ounces needed so that one-shot will be sufficient on smaller surfaces like tabletops!
  • Mix the same amounts of water and white vinegar to clean your dirty dishes. The mild acidity in the vinegary liquid is perfect for cutting through stubborn grime on windows, even on plates, cups, or even cutlery!
  • Mixing water and vinegar is a great way to clean your windows, but if you want them really sparkling or not as pungent, then add dishwashing liquid.

Clean the Window

To clean the outside of your windows, use a soft cloth or natural sponge. If you live in an area with lots of sand and dust, be gentle when scrubbing because scratching could happen if it’s too rough for that type of dirt/grime on glass!

Don’t forget to clean window tracks, window sills (inside and out), window screens, window casements, window muntins (the dividers between window panes,) window grids, window transoms (the window above a door frame) using a toothbrush or other small brush.

Ensure that there is no dirt present on window frames, window molding, or window hardware. Leave the handles for your window blinds and window screens free of grime. So you can immediately open up these window types to let in some fresh air after a long day’s work!

Use A Squeegee To Clean The Surface.

Your window will be sparkling clean in no time. Start at the top and make an S with your squeegee blade, then use a soft lint-free cloth to wipe it down each pass gently you take across the glass – this is key so as not to damage delicate surfaces! For smaller panes of glass that require another type or width of tool altogether, see our post on how best suited for cleaning up those tricky spots on window panes!

Wipe Out the Remaining Area

If you have a chamois, use this to dry the remaining cleaning solution. Make sure that all of your windowpane’s corners are soaked to avoid missing any moisture before applying to another surface!

Wipe window frames with a damp cloth to remove any window cleaner residue. Coping and window sills should be wiped out as well.

Clean The Screens As Well.

As long as you’re cleaning the glass in your windows, make sure to also clean and dry the screens. Window screen cleaning is as important as cleaning any furniture in your house. Vacuum them first – this will remove any dirt or dust from their surface before washing with a solution that matches what was used for drying up previous spills on top of it all again (letting these things build-up can cause problems). Once everything has been thoroughly rinsed off, let sit until water runs clear when touched by a wet finger. Then replace any remaining hardware according to the manufacturer’s instructions!

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It can be not easy to keep your windows clean in the Scottsdale, Arizona heat, but with a little TLC and awareness of how weather affects window cleaning, you can have sparkling windows all year round. Take care when choosing what kind of cleaner or clothes to use. In case you want any professional help then don’t hesitate to call us. We, B & B Window Cleaning, have provided window cleaning service and power washing services to the Phoenix Metropolitan area for many years. We pride ourselves on our top-notch service, and our excellent customer reviews speak for themselves. If you are looking for a professional company that will provide your windows with their best clean yet, look no further than us! Contact us today at (480) 423-5980 or visit our website to schedule an appointment online now or learn more about how we can help keep your home sparkling year round!

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