A pressure washer is basically like a big gun; one could say it’s more like a monster truck with Pressure at its core. But all that Pressure that is focused on the tip of the pressure washer has to go somewhere, and that somewhere might end up being your clothes or even your home if you’re not careful. So, here are some of the pressure washers dangers that one should be aware of before using their pressure washer pressure washing.

Pouring water from a height can damage plants, so never pressure wash humans or pets. The force of the stream might cause physical harm and will most certainly destroy your plants too! When using this method to clean surfaces like decks or patios, wear safety glasses as debris can quickly fly into one’s eyes. In addition, do not touch any fixtures housing electricity. Though they may be made out of rigid materials that withstand rainstorms, there still comes a chance of breaking something when using power tools near them due to their proximity with each other without protection (and sometimes even inside homes).

Never underestimate how much damage we’re capable of doing simply by adding some extra muscle behind our hands–especially if those muscles happen t work for us all day long! Just know you can’t go wrong with rules on how to do things properly. Of course, it’s best to be informed first before pressure washing.