You will have a tough time finding someone who does pressure washing and a tank truck or trailer. A few general contractors do this, but they’re not necessarily specialists in water damage repair, so there’s more chance of damages being done if you book them for your project too!

The easiest way to get water at home is by asking contractors who bid on it. You can find a tank trailer that will tow the supply back for you or hire someone with an empty truck and pump to provide water all day long while they’re there! Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for a maximum of three hours.

This solution seems like it works well, but what if your pressure washer depends solely on Pressure? In those cases, this could be very hard as most models require high-pressure H2O without fail! So what to do?

Well, not all pressure washer models have the exact specifications, so some might run on low-pressure water. You can try looking for a specific model’s manual online and see if it tells you anything about its needs. If you find nothing, drop us a line below!