You can use a power washer or pressure washer to clean the stucco. Just make sure and maintain a reasonable distance between the nozzles. Use at least 1 500 PSI with a 25-degree nozzle for hot surfaces like a brick veneer; 40 degrees if you’re working on siding that’s not too dirty (25 is enough when it comes down). It might seem like this type of material accumulates dirt quickly. Still, in reality, its textured surface traps more because there are lots of tiny little crevices all over which hold onto everything thrown their way – plus, these qualities also mean your home will stay moss-free! So take care while using pressure mechanisms applying water against any kinds of house fronts made out of plastic slate tile etc.

Another pressure washing tip is to use water pressure in short bursts rather than prolonged pressure blasts less frequently. This will give you better results for your pressure washing needs (make sure it’s not too wet before proceeding) and will prolong the life of your pressure washer.