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About B & B Window Cleaning

That Yellow Box going through your neighborhood!

BB Window CleaningSoon after we started B & B Window Cleaning, Roberto and a friend spent a couple of weekends converting a small trailer into our window cleaning command center! Bright yellow and black seemed like a good bee color for B&B Window Cleaning, and the little trailer was painted with a gallon of house paint. That little yellow box served us well for over 10 years!

Since that time, in order to better serve our customers and meet the demands of a growing business the trailer was  replaced with  a couple of F150 trucks equipped with ladder racks to carry all of our window cleaning and power washing equipment.


We offer the following services: Commercial Window Cleaning, Residential Window Cleaning, Power Washing, and Solar Panel Cleaning.

B & B Window Cleaning in your neighborhood

It wasn’t unusual when asking how a new customer had heard about us that we would hear “I see your trailer all the time in our neighborhood.” We knew we must be doing something right as one neighbor would refer us to the next, and to the friend down the street, until our little yellow box was there enough to become a familiar sight.

B & B Window Cleaning is Insured

The truth about Insurance

A few years back I received a call from a house manager looking for a quote on a very large home in Phoenix. This was for monthly window cleaning service on a beautiful two story mansion in the Biltmore area. Along with a number of other questions, we were asked on the initial phone call if we were insured. Of course, I let them know that we were. A meeting was set up for the quote.

B & B Window Cleaning in your neighborhood

Our Reputation

After meeting the property manager and sizing up the job, I returned to our office to gather the information they requested, type up the bid, and email our insurance provider to have them send directly to the potential customer our proof of insurance and workman’s comp.

No Surprises

BB Window CleaningSoon after, I had a phone conversation with the manager, who was relieved that we did indeed meet the requirements for the job and were actually insured! I learned during our conversation that more than one company that was asked to bid the job informed that they were insured, yet were unable to provide proof of insurance when asked. I was surprised! I know that there are many service companies without proper insurance. I didn’t realize how many intentionally mislead customers in order to get the job.That subcontractor working on your property is not insured!
On a substantially more unfortunate situation I learned of an A/C repairman on a commercial building that we service. The owners’ of the building hired a company that was indeed insured. An appointment was made and a technician was sent out. While on the roof the repairman took a step backward and fell through a skylight. After falling over twenty feet the poor man suffered life threatening and lifelong injuries. Worse yet the repairman was a subcontractor hired by the A/C Company and not an employee. Not only was there no insurance, the man’s substantial medical needs would not be covered by workman’s comp insurance.

Safety and Responsibility

At B&B Window Cleaning we are aware of the risks of not having insurance. We make sure we are fully covered to protect our customers and our employees from harm. We do not hire subcontractors. Our employees our well valued and long term team members. Insurance for service companies is expensive! Know who you are hiring. Ask for proof of insurance, and remember the lowest bid is not always the best bid.
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Family Owned Phoenix Window Cleaning Company

From the beginning we knew that referrals and word of mouth would be the keys to our growth as a small business. We are still the same small family owned business, and we know that taking care of each and every customer is just as important today as it was when we started. We take pride in the relationships we have built over the years. We have watched as customer’s children grew from curious kids watching the window cleaner, to college grads! (we’ve been around awhile)!

If you need to have your window cleaned, B & B Window Cleaning is the best choice!

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