10 Signs that You Need to Get Your Windows Cleaned

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10 Signs that You Need to Get Your Windows CleanedHow often do you clean your windows? If you’re like most people, it’s been a while. You might not even know what the signs are that indicate when it’s time to get them cleaned! Here at B & B Window Cleaning, we want to help educate our customers about all of the signs that indicate they need their windows tended.

Here are the signs that you need to get your windows cleaned ASAP:

  1. You can’t see outside clearly

Did you know that there is a lot of dirt and debris (like bird droppings!) on your windows? This prevents you from seeing the view outside, making it difficult when planning an event or wanting to get some fresh air.

  1. Your screens have streaks.

The buildup of grime on your windows will make any screen’s job much harder – so if they’re streaked with smudges or bubbles, this could be another sign that something needs to be cleaned! 

  1. Your windows are cloudy

Cloudy windows are a direct result of the buildup of dirt and grime on your window screens. This can cause you to have reduced visibility, trap moisture within your home, lead to mold or mildew growth, and make it difficult for heat from the sun’s rays to enter your home during cold seasons. It’s likely time for a professional window cleaning service provider who knows how to use the right cleaners and tools specifically designed for this purpose.

  1. The exterior paint color is peeling away in sheets

Window cleaning should also include washing the exterior of the window as well – but sometimes we overlook this until there’s noticeable damage like chipping paint and flaking paint.

  1. You have noticed water stains on your exterior windows

This is likely due to the accumulation of rain, melting snow, heavy dews, and more! But suppose you see these patterns appearing after a good window cleaning. In that case, this could be an indication that something needs pressure washing or replaced. 

  1. Your screens are dirty with algae growth

Algae like moisture, so it’s no surprise that they’d start growing near something as wet as a window. But in time, these can become very invasive plants which will eventually impact how well you’re able to see out the window (or even make insects get inside).

  1. The air in your home is a stale or musty smell

This is often a sign of an issue with mold. Mold spores can land on your window screens and start to grow as they feed off the moisture from rain, snow melts, or even condensation caused by air conditioning systems.

  1. Your sills (the frame around each window) are rotting away 

If you see gaps between where one sill, mold will also release spores into the air, which can build up in your home and cause breathing issues.

  1. Your curtains have mold on them

If your curtains have mold in them, this means that there’s moisture on the other side of the glass as well, and you should have your windows cleaned. This is the point where most people realize that it’s time to call in the pros for window cleaning service – whether they’re soiled or need deep and thorough cleaning, professionals can get them looking like new again.

  1. There are bugs in your windows

If you notice little bugs crawling around your windows, that’s a sign of problems because your windows are too dirty to keep out bugs. You might see some small holes – this could indicate that rodents may have found their way inside via those spaces! This is more common in the wintertime when window screens are not being used but can happen year-round if your windows aren’t getting cleaned regularly.

If you notice any of these signs in your window, it’s best to book an appointment with B & B window washing service as soon as possible. We will be able to clean the exterior and interior surfaces of each pane of glass for a deep and thorough cleaning that will have your windows looking like new again. Window cleaning services like ours will come equipped with everything necessary for the job. B & B Window Cleaning pros will have the necessary tools to help you without wasting precious time!

If you need to have your window cleaned, B & B Window Cleaning is the best choice!

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